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Cloud cakes are as flavorful as they are unique. Add a special touch to any catering option by ordering a selection of our delicacies. With a veritable rainbow of flavors, our cakes are sure to please guests and get everyone talking, even with their mouth full.

Special occasions

When celebrating your birthday, mother’s day, a baby shower, nothing adds color and fun like a variety of Bo Nuage cloud cakes. We’re confident that our treats will give your festivities a vibrant kick and a playful touch of French elegance. Bon anniversaire !


Weddings are an event calling for luxury and an attention to detail. Let Bo Nuage provide a truly memorable addition to your special day. Our Nuage treats add the perfect combination of elegance, flavor, and artistry to enhance your catering and compliment your ceremony with Parisian decadence.

Just Ask

Whatever the occasion, Bo Nuage is the perfect addition to suit your catering needs. Contact our catering specialists for a consultation on how we can contribute to your event and deliver a delicious, elegant experience in the form of bite-sized Nuage treats.