Catering and Gifts menu

Bo Nuage’s treats are as flavorful as they are unique. Add a special touch to any catering option by ordering a selection of our delicacies.


  • Mini Nuage assortment

    Assorted colors | Gluten free or dairy free options
    50 minis : $140

    3 tier tower rental : $ 35
    Total : $175
  • Tower of meringue

    Customize your tower with a color theme
    Gluten free and dairy free

    Large tower
    25.5’’ by 10’’ diam | 120 pieces of meringue
    Total : $84

    Small tower
    14.5’’ by 8’’ diam | 50 pieces of meringue
    Total : $38



    Our appetizer desserts are prepared fresh to order.
    Perfect for tray pass and dessert presentations

    Meringue and whipped cream appetizers
    4 dozen nuage minimum | 2 dozen per flavor

    $12.00 a dozen

    Mini Gluten free cookies
    4 dozen minimun
    $17.50 a dozen
  • SALÉ

    Choux fourrés (Cream puff) assortment
    Our homemade cream puffs will impress your guests

    A minimum order of 24 pieces is required
    $2.10 per piece

    Goat cheese and sun dried tomatoe
    Guacamole and hummus
    Olives and goat cheese


  • Gift bags of meringue

    Our gift bags of meringue can be customized for special occasions
    We can create your tag to say MERCI !

    Small bag (8 meringues) | $3.10 per customized bag
    Large bag (10 meringues) | $5.70 per customized bag
  • Gift bags of gluten free cookies

    6 cookies assorted
    Double chocolate chip, chocolate chip, peanut butter
    and white chocolate, honey and cinnamon

    Bag of 6 mini cookies $8.90 | Bag of 6, regular size $17.10


  • DINNER PARTY - $70

    8-10 guests
    6’’ Nuage to share, 12 Mini Nuage and One dozen of meringue cookies
  • CELEBRATION - $130

    10-20 guests
    9’’ Nuage to share, 24 Mini Nuage and Two dozen of meringue cookies

    Please contact our event coordinator to make an appointment